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Intrapreneurship: A systematic approach for innovating

Friday 17 August, 2018

How do you drive change and innovation from within an organisation? In this podcast episode recorded at CPA Australia, Janett Egbar, Co-founder of the Centre for Intrapreneurship, takes you through a practical approach to innovating from within. She covers how innovation is really about identifying problems that need to be solved, covers the skills intrapreneurs need to start making a difference right away and how rather than being ‘blockers’, finance professionals should be brought into the conversation early to help innovation succeed. Janett is joined by Gavan Ord, Manager – Business and Investment Policy from CPA Australia.

Listen to the Podcast or download the transcript.




Intrapreneurship: When Business, Purpose & People collide to drive impact at scale!

Friday 3 August, 2018

No, it’s not a mistake – I do mean ‘INTRApreneurship’ … I often hear myself explaining.

Maybe because for many people, this terminology is still relatively new – even though the term was coined back in the late ‘70s by Gifford Pinchot!

First things first, what is an Intrapreneur? Just like entrepreneurs, ‘intrapreneurs’ lead change and innovation; however they do so from within an established organisation. Driven by a genuine purpose to solve meaningful problems, Intrapreneurs are not afraid to challenge the status quo, ask the hard questions and tirelessly learn, unlearn and leverage the organisation’s resources to drive a positive impact through their work.

And no …  it is not easy to do! This is why I love this space so much!

It's never easy being a ‘mover and shaker’. Knowing how to navigate through complex organisational structures, how to engage the right people at the right time, and align business strategy to a higher social good is challenging, especially while overdelivering on your day job. But, it is a challenge we believe is worth tackling.

Why now? Some of the largest economic entities in today’s world are businesses, and the standard narrative of our time has sadly been around the ‘greedy business world’.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Business has the power to change, for the better. And if it does change, well, I’m convinced the results would be mind-blowing.

Gib Bulloch

The role of business in society has to evolve beyond being a producer of goods and/or services. Investors, customers and employees are looking to engage with businesses that have a higher purpose and are solving society's problems. This is already evident with the today’s youth - the next generation of purpose-driven young adults that are joining the workforce.

Millennials' opinions about business’ motivations & ethics, which had trended up the past two years, retreated dramatically this year, as did their sense of loyalty … Their concerns suggest that this is an ideal time for business leaders to prove themselves as agents of positive change.

Deloitte – The millennial survey 2018

Entrepreneurship vs. Intrapreneurship: is not either/or. It’s so encouraging to observe the momentum, investment and interest in entrepreneurship in recent years. A thriving ecosystem is evolving supporting start-ups at all stages. This is awesome, as it paves the way for those that want to make change from within organisations – the Intrapreneurs.

The greatest agents for sustainable change are unlikely to be ‘social entrepreneurs’ ... they are  much more likely to be the entirely reasonable people, often working for large companies, who see ways to create better products or reach new markets, and have the resources to do so.

The Economistsummary - Unreasonable People Power

A terrific example of sustainable impact is the corporate ‘guerrilla movement’ that Gib Bulloch lead within Accenture - flipping the tradiational business model and establishing a ‘not-for-loss’ business arm that refrained from doing ‘pro-bono’ work. Rather, it established a completely new blueprint for a different kind of business model - one where purpose was on par with profit. Bringing the best of Accenture’s expertise to the people that needed it the most … not just those that could pay the most. For more on this, take a look at Gib’s book - The confessions of a corporate insurgent, which encompasses 15+ years’ experience, including all the ups and downs in his journey. We can’t recommend it highly enough.


We admire and deeply respect everyone who contributes towards making the workd a better place, and we recognise that Intrapreneurs are those brave enough to take on this challenge! We are always on the look out for the lonely warriors who can demonstrate HOW it is possible to drive real impact and help those that need it most by rethinking the role of business in society. Is this you?

We invite you and your teams to connect with us and expand your ability to make meaningful change from within!

Janett and Mark, Co-Founders of The Centre for Intrapreneurship